Nathan Shingles

Nathan Shingles Principal-Licensed Real Estate Agent

Nathan Shingles Real Estate Agent
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Nathan Shingles

Nathan has been a keen investor in the North Queensland real estate market for over 10 years now. Using experience of owning property
in our local area has given Nathan a wealth of knowledge when it comes to buying, selling, and dealing with tenants, banks and solicitors.
Understanding the market was a big influence in Nathan’s purchases. Nathan now takes the time to study the areas and the influences of
investing in the local market to help all of his clients.

Nathan’s background is Military, having served 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy. During his time in the Navy he travelled extensively
throughout South East Asia and down to Heard and McDonald islands in the Antarctic, and of course Australian territorial waters protecting
this beautiful country of ours. The discipline and ethics required to be a part of the Australian Navy have given Nathan a focused perspective
within the Real Estate industry.

Nathan is known as an energetic self starter that thrives on challenges. His determination and commitment hold no barriers.
Nathan uses this to communicate and create a successful and valued relationship with his clients.

Nathan looks forward to assisting you with your Real Estate needs by achieving better prices, smoother transactions and faster results for you.
He does this through a combination of experience, teamwork with other Real Estate Professionals in the Cairns area, professionalism and strong
values. For a result you will be pleased with, call Nathan now on 0416 254 730 or email him at

We value our clients and business partners, understanding that good working relationships need care and consideration.
As we move forward and expand we continue to be enthusiastic, optimistic and grateful for your support.